Game Day Open Thread

This is your spot to talk some College Football with The Pregame Warm-Up crew.  I’m going out this morning to get a new set of tires on the Jeep and play some pick up football in honor of the #wrigleypickuprules on Twitter.  I’ll be back around 2PM to comment on what I’ve seen so far.  Here are a few things to watch for and some predictions to chew on.

The Big 10 kicks us off this week with my upset pick of the week.  Wisconsin @ Michigan is going to be a very high scoring game, one which I think Denard Robinson has a special day.  I like the Wolverines 48-44.

Pitt is @ South Florida this week, a game that they need to win to keep their BCS hopes alive, HAHAHAHAHA.  It really is a joke that this conference will get a guaranteed spot in a BCS game.  I like Pitt to win big today, 31-17.

Stanford @ Cal has the potential to be avery good game, if the Bears defense can play like they did against Oregon.  We discussed this matchup in the PGWU podcast and came to the conclusion that Stanford is a different style that will cause more trouble for Cal.  Stanford wins, 38-10.

Army vs  Notre Dame @ Yankee Stadium.  It’s a big game because after the season that the Irish have suffered through, a win gets them to bowl eligible.  I’ll take the Irish 24-19.

Nebraska @ Texas A&M I think theses teams are headed in different directions.  Nebraska has struggled the past two weeks, playing below average competition, while the Aggies have installed Tannehill at QB and taken off.  Look for the balance of run and pass from TAMU to put the huskers away in a close game.  I like TAMU, 24-20.

Utah @ SDSU is going to be a fun game.  I really like everything the Aztecs are doing right now and they could jump on a deflated Utes team.  I’ll go with the “upset” here and take SDSU 35-34.


2 Responses to Game Day Open Thread

  1. Staff says:

    I was a little off on the Wiscy-Michigan game. Damn turnovers and lack of defense will get you every time.

  2. Staff says:

    Stanford looks as dominant as possible this week. Luck is almost perfect and it’s 38-0. They good.

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